High performance fabric Care Products

StainCare Fabric Care Products protect virtually all kinds of fabrics from water, dirt and stains, without affecting color, texture or feel. Zonyl forms a molecular shield around the fibre making them significantly more resistant to oil and water-based stains as well as repelling dust and dry soil. Spills blot up quickly or can be wiped or washed. Even when dry, most spots can be cleaned easily.

Evolution in colours, materials and requirements of the customers involve new methods and new products. Through continuous development, a range of products is manufactured according to the strictest specifications to prevent stains, protect and maintain fabrics and carpets and to preserve their natural freshness and breathability. Fabric Care is marketed to furniture manufacturers, upholsterers, cleaning companies, government buildings, shoe industry, hotels, etc.

Carpet Protector MF-II is used as a stain and soil repellent treatment for carpets, rugs and wall coverings

Aerosol sprays for D.I.Y. treatments

Soft Clean is a stain remover for oily stains

Cleaning material for specific purposes, floors, carpets, marble, etc.

Cleaning machinery and spray equipment for professional usage

Zonyl [R] Laundry Additive makes excellent protection on machine washable cloths and table cloths, bedspreads, etc.

Our fabric protector is based on ZONYL , a registered trademark of Dupont
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A sudden accident and a cup of coffee splashes all over your new armchair
With StainCare
protection, liquids stay on the surface and can be quickly blotted up
With six people around the table you can be sure someone's going to spill food on the tablecloth
Don't worry, your new tablecloth is treated with Zonyl and those greasy spills just wipe off
 Oh no! there is a greasy stain on my new raincoat. I've only worn it once.
StainCare not only adds water repellency but also protects coats and sportswear from stains and soiling of all kinds

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